Time Signatures

Time signatures tell you how many and what kind of notes per measure there are.
The number on top is the number of beats per measure, and the bottom number is what kind of note get the beat.

Bottom Number Value
1=Whole note
2 =Half note
4 =Quarter note
8 =Eighth note
16=Sixteenth note

Top Number Value
3/4 is 3 quarter notes per measure
5/2 is 5 half notes per measure
6/8 is 6 eighth notes per measure

Common Time - Same as 4/4
Example: a half note = 2, a quarter note = 1, a whole note = 4.
Cut Time - Same as 2/2 time
Example: a half note = 1, a quarter note = 1/2, a whole note = 2.


Fill in the Missing Number-MS


Find the Incorrect Measure


Fill in the Missing Number - SH